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Pure Hemp Blend

Our Original Blend is our pure hemp health product. It provides the human body with exceptional antioxidants that will help defend your entire metabolic system.
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Hemp + Curcumin

Our Canna Curcumin Blend offers the benefits of Curcumin’s natural anti-inflammatory power combined with hemp for relief of chronic joint pain.
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Hemp + Resveratrol

Our Canna Resveratrol Blend combines hemp Resveratrol to produce super antioxidants known for protecting our bodies’ immune system.
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Hemp + Salvia

Our Canna Salvia Blend combines hemp with Sage, creating all natural, hormone-free relief from hot flashes and night sweats from menopause.

Natural Advancement is a Canadian pioneer in
premium hemp health supplements.

We are committed to bringing our customers premium, Health Canada approved, hemp health
supplements. Natural Advancement products are based on science and use hemp's powerful
botanical properties to heal and protect our bodies.

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