Our Story

It was the fall of 2015 when the founders of EastWest Science, a group of natural health enthusiasts, saw an opportunity they couldn’t ignore.

The world was waking up to the benefits of cannabis, and the EastWest Science team saw the untapped potential for hemp – a plant with amazing health benefits. The team believed that hemp was an opportunity to better people’s health by introducing hemp’s nutritional properties into their diet in a powerful new way. We developed our first Health Canada approved formula, a pure hemp health supplement that brings hemp’s healing power to consumers.

With a passion for the value that cannabis has for human health, we continued to research the science of hemp. We developed more formulas that combine our flagship formula with other botanicals, expanding the Natural Advancement line to offer consumers a broader range of hemp health benefits.

Natural Advancement is Canada’s First line of Health Canada Approved Hemp Health Supplements. The aim of Natural Advancement is to develop a comprehensive line of Health Canada approved natural hemp supplements designed to support our bodies’ innate ability to heal itself.

We are excited to bring the many health benefits of hemp to consumers everywhere through premium hemp health supplements.

Our Vision

To bring the benefits of the natural
healing power of hemp to the world.

Our Mission

We create products that people want
and need to improve their lives.


Core Values


We act with honesty and integrity in all of our business interactions. Maintaining our clients’ trust represents the cornerstone of our business.


We aim for excellence in the quality of our products and service. We strive to improve and challenge ourselves through innovation, teamwork, collaboration and learning.


We are committed to delivering excellent customer service, building long term relationships, and continuously seek to improve each customer’s experience.